Please take a moment to carefully read about the rules and requirements when uploading music to audiocabin.com. Inaccurate or corrupt meta-data might lead to a rejection of your submission.

Step 1 – Select and Upload Your Track

The first thing you need to do, is uploading and choosing a track. A click on Add Track opens your media library. You can upload multiple files at once by simply drag & drop them into the window.
Your track(s) has to meet the following specifications:

  • .WAV-format
  • 16 bit
  • 44.1 kHz
  • > 7 seconds in length

Once uploaded, you can choose the file you want to proceed with and click “Add Track” in the lower right corner. It’s now when you have to decide whether you want to submit a “Main Track” or an “Additional Version” of a main track, like a loop or cut down. Learn more about “Edits” in Step 2…

Step 2 – Additional Versions (Edits)

If you want to upload tracks of the same series, you have to start with a Main Track, which means, you should not check this box. Only once your Main Track is approved and online, you can start uploading additional Edits.

If you have chosen an Edit in Step 1, check the box, select the Main Track it belongs to (please note: only approved Main Tracks show up in the list) and then select the correct Version of your file.

  • Loops – need to be absolutely seamless with no silence at the beginning or end!
  • 15s – cut down
  • 30s – cut down
  • 60s – cut down
  • Alternative versions
  • Instrumental version (should usually be your Main Track)
  • Vocal Version

You can upload multiple Loops and Alternative Versions, but only one cut down, one instrumental & one vocal version.

Note: If you have a song with vocals AND instrumental version, your main track should always be the instrumental version. Upload your Vocal Version as an Edit instead.

Meta-Data: You will notice that once you’ve selected a Main Track from the list, the upload form will be auto-completed based on the data of your Main Track. You can still change most of the meta-data where it is different from the Main Track.

Step 3 – The Title

If you are about to upload a Main Track, you can enter an appropriate title here. Please avoid naming all of your tracks “Happy Song 1”, “Happy Song 2”, etc.
You can use

  • Characters A-Z
  • Numbers 0-9
  • Hyphens –
  • Dots .
  • Underscores _

Your title MUST NOT start with a number or special character.

EDITS: As mentioned in Step 2, by selecting a Main Track, all of it’s meta-data is loaded including the title. Since we want to keep the naming system as clean as possible, the title field is disabled and the title is generated automatically based on the chosen Version in Step 2.

Step 4 – Description

This part is important, not only for interested customers, but also for the google search engine where you want to get found. Please describe your work in a few sentences without spamming. This is not the place to enter keywords!
Describe the overall dynamic of the music.
Are there any special instruments you want to mention?

  • You have 150 words max.
Step 5 – Keywords

This is obviously the most important part to get found on audiocabin.com.
Please do not spam and only enter highly relevant keywords. You will benefit by helping to keep our search clean and accurate. Spamming leads to longer approval times or rejections.

  • You can enter 5 – 25 keywords
Step 6 – Genre, Mood & Instruments

You don’t necessarely have to choose 2 items. Only select a second one, if it’s relevant to the music. Also make sure the selected moods (or genres) are not inconsistent with one another, e.g. Happy vs. Sad, Epic vs. Relaxed.

  • 1 or 2 items for each category.
Step 7 – Vocals

Does your track contain any vocals? If there is a lead singer, you have the option to enter the lyrics of your song. It’s not mandetory though. Please be aware that we do not accept adult content when it comes to lyrics.

Step 8 – Performance Rights Organizations

Are you part of any P.R.O. like ASCAP, BMI, SOCAN? Then check the box and enter the information for everyone involved. Since this is a more complicated topic, it has its own page. Click here.

Step 9 – Customization

Though this feature isn’t live at the moment, we’d still like to know whether you’d be able to customize your track (on short notice). Some customers might need a sligthly different instrumentation or want a track to be a tiny bit longer. If you can edit your track within a reasonable timeframe, check this box.
More information about this feature will be announced when the time comes.


Did you make a mistake or forget to add an important keyword? No problem.
In your tracklist, you have the opportunity to edit your tracks.
Your file will be under review after clicking submit.

If you want to change the title of a track you need to edit the Main Track of the series. The whole series will be renamed automatically.

You can not change the uploaded file itself or assign a new kind of Edit here.
If you uploaded the wrong .wav-file or assigned the wrong version, you have to delete and re-upload the track/series.

If you want to delete a single Edit, a Main track or ALL tracks, send us an email.